10 Ways to Make Your Home Inviting

10 Ways to Make Your Home Inviting

“I don’t know what it is about this house, but it just makes me so happy,” is what you want your friends and family to say when they come visit.  Making your home more welcoming takes more than just amazing floors and structure. 

Here are a few tips to help make your home welcoming and inviting.

1.     Begin with the front door and the entryway: The first thing that someone sees when they come to your house is the entryway and the front door. A simple and easy thing to do is to bring in big leafy plants and add them to the sides of the door. Invest in a unique and funky doormat and a personalized name tag for the door. The personalized touch gives the space a more welcoming feeling for you and your guests. If getting plans for the doorway is difficult because of constricted space, you can also choose to opt for small flowering plants for the door.  Consider  adding texture to the entryway with a bold wallpaper. Depending on the size of your space, you may consider enhancing the entry with beautiful hangers and eccentric mirrors.

2.     Use color and design to grab attention through your space: Creating a space that is visually pleasing is the first step to creating a comfortable home. Play with colors and design to create something inviting and not offensive.  If you go with a bold color, be careful of the shade. Painting the far wall across from the front door in a bolder color is  or adding an interesting art piece or lighting encourages guests to be drawn into the home and will pull people through your home creating an intrigue to stay and explore the space.

3.     Choose comfortable flooring options: Floor improvements are one of the best ways to create a cozy space. You can choose flooring that makes you most comfortable. When your flooring stands out, it is easy to feel comfy and snuggly. Hardwood and Laminated floors have the most pleasing appearance.  When it comes to tiling, white always has a welcoming feel. If you want to explore more colors, explore warm and earthy tones. You can also consider tiled floors or carpeting in a complimentary color to your walls and decor.  Regardless of material, flooring becomes damaged over time, so make sure to repair and replace flooring piece when needed.

4.     Play with rugs and carpets: Nothing feels better than placing softness at your feet. There is a range of rugs and carpets that one can choose from for their floor. This is a place where you can truly experiment. Carpets work better when it goes with the rest of the room. So, take note of the colors in your room and the furniture you have. Now you can consider going two ways – one, you can choose to purchase carpets that compliment and are similar to the colors on the walls. This will give the space a symbiotic feeling. And two, you can go the exact opposite way and strip the attention away from the walls to the floor. This means purchasing rugs and carpets that bring in a color that your home does not already have. Also, consider pattern carpets to add more texture to the floor.

5.     Get cozy and comfortable furniture:  Furniture is not just meant to look modern and fashionable. If you do not have furniture that you are comfortable crashing in at the end of a long day, it is safe to assume, it will be comfortable for your guests.  So, if you are looking at purchasing furniture buy those that feel comfortable. The next to keep in mind is that it is not just about purchasing the right furniture, it is also about placing them well in your space. When you have guests over, they are coming to spend time with you and stay for conversations. Find conversational corners in your house to arrange your furniture around. The most ideal place for this would be next to a window with a lot of natural light coming in. Consider purchasing L shaped sofa pieces that you will be able to move around and arrange more often.

6.     Decorate your floor: Choosing to decorate your floor is always a good option while trying to create a comfortable space. But this does not have to stop at carpets and rugs. There are other things that you can consider to bring a dash of coziness to your floors. The floor décor should fit into the interior design of your room and space. It should be able to bring together all the elements to keep a unified look in the room. Some of the things you can consider are decorative floor lamps, floor fans, floor easel, floor plants and floor seating. Floor lamps are both decorative and illuminating. They fit beautifully in floor corners and add to the room beautifully. The same goes to floor fans that has both style and functionality. Houseplants always have an added benefit of bringing in freshness. Majesty palm, ficus, lucky bamboo, snake plant and yucca are some floor plants that you can consider. And finally, comfortable floor seating can really help bring the room together.

7.     Avoid harsh lines and add more soft lines: Straight and harsh lines in the living room, even with the modern upholstery furniture, could end up making the room look unpleasant and will not help in making your space look inviting. It can in fact work completely against this. One of the tricks that can be used to avoid this is using round rugs as opposed to square rugs with harsh lines. Bringing in any round objects like pillows or even tossing a soft throw blanket over the corner to break that rigid straight line can make a huge difference.

8.     Get Natural lighting: Do not choose harsh and bright lights. This will create a strain to stay in-doors after some time. Choose lights that are more soft on your eyes and easy to stay in for a long time. Invest in lights that create a softness in the room and make you feel welcome and relaxed. Stay away from red, green and blue light bulbs. These do not look pleasing and will end up doing the opposite of creating a comfortable space. The best option is to choose lights that is the most close to natural lighting. If you can opt for ceiling lights, they will create the most pleasing décor while adding aesthetics to your space.

9.     Fill the house with things you would want to touch: One of the best things to do to keep yourself comfortable in your space is to fill it with items that are soft and comfortable. This can be cushions, throw pillows, throw blankets or even soft toys. This adds layers of comfort to your space. There are also other options that you can consider, for example in furniture an old leather chair, a worn wooden table, or as mentioned above add patterned rug to the floor that can add lots of texture. These are not just interesting to touch but also hold attention and add warmth to a room. Also spread out toys, puzzles and small distractions across your house. This can keep you and your guests engaged during a conversation without them fiddling with their technology. Any home that creates spaces to have cozy conversations will be look and feel more welcoming.

10.  Decorate with the things you love: And finally, surround yourself with the things you love the most. Allow your home to tell your story and share parts of you to your guests. This will keep them engaged and want them to explore your house more. It may also lead to conversations. This does not mean just laying out framed photographs on walls. Think about the things that bring your happiness. This can be your favorite books, inspiring quotes that encourage you every day, trinkets from travels that mean a lot to you, posters that reflect your thoughts, a toy from a pet your gave left behind or even your favorite board game that remind you of childhood and time spent with friends and family. These are little drops of joy that keep you going and are parts of your life that mean a lot to you. Invest in home décor that shows who you are. When you share your story, your guests will feel welcome and loved.

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